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We now offer blockchain to clients under our brand Lannister Development!

Lannister Holdings, Inc., an Arizona company, is currently trading under the Symbol NBDR on the US OTC Market. We will use @LannisterNBDR Twitter account for announcements moving forward.

Dedicated to being the world’s premier US based blockchain development firm, Lannister Development will build bespoke systems for clients around the world while deploying, testing, and globally protecting the systems and technologies vital to our internal focus of facilitating real estate finance on blockchain.

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Smart Contracts

ERC-20 Token Sales, Proof-of-Concept contracts, and full-fledged dApp backends.

Bespoke Blockchain

We revolutionize businesses by implementing the bleeding-edge of tomorrow’s technologies.

Security Audits

Need to be sure that your system is as secure as possible?  We’ve got your back.

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Our network of funding partners can get your project the capital it needs to succeed!

Our Mission

We don’t know about you, but frankly, we are tired of seeing various industries caught in a weak, stagnant, or losing position, even when technological advancement has made it clear that they don’t have to be. Blockchain technology, and its further development, offers a solution that is either unknown or perceived as a dangerous investment by traditionalists, leaving it in a state of oligarchy in the financial world.

We seek to change that. Through consultation, capital acquisition, and patent development, Lannister Holdings, Inc. extends its hand to those who see –  as we do – a future of security, transparency, and growth within their fields.

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