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Our goal at Lannister Holdings, Inc. is to generate scaled revenues and strong company value growth by developing, owning, and delivering proprietary technology to the financial sector –  providing access to high return loans to various real estate investors, as well as providing blockchain development and strategy services to outside partners and clients. We will use the functionality of blockchain technology to facilitate mortgage loans in a secure, digital environment for real estate investors, tenants, property managers, and real estate note purchasers.  This allows for technological superiority in the real estate lending world, as well as burnishing the public perceptions of blockchain security, and above all, trust in smart contract lending. Lannister Holdings will soon replace the bureaucratic inferno that is the step-by-step, paper-and-pen approach lending professionals have floundered within for years with our lending platform, guaranteed to be the next revolution in lending technology.

Our philosophy regarding our services is directly tied in to our strategy as a company. This comes in three steps: We use our curiosity all throughout our consultation process, which focuses on our client’s values, needs, and goals for the foreseeable future. Once the relationship between us and a client is in sync, we scale our dedication in ways that produce the best results for them on a technological level. If a client likes their current technological system but wants a few upgrades to get them to where they really want to go, we refuse the temptation to do a complete overhaul and work with what they have in order to keep in line with our final value – agility. This also ties into our delivery process; we make it a point to market the results our cooperation has made in way that proves disruption is directly related to increased productivity, increased security, increased transparency, and of course, increased growth.

Through our sister company, Lannister Development, our blockchain dev teams are available to clients in verticals others wouldn’t necessarily think about, such as logistics, energy, manufacturing, healthcare, and more – Lannister Development, therefore, is in a powerful position as a US based full-stack blockchain, smart contract, and security auditing firm. Our efficient, remote work ideology delivers intuitive solutions to complex problems by allowing our teams to mindfully and creatively solve problems and create solutions to achieve a client’s true desired result while shaking things up and causing a little bit of trouble for those who still stick to their traditional guns.

Lannister Holdings, Inc. realizes it carries the potential to impact the process of real estate lending considerably in the foreseeable future, disrupting the existing $2.3 Trillion Dollar US Commercial Real Estate lending markets.  Because of this make-or-break situation we find ourselves in, a major focus of code development, testing, and real-world deployment of Lannister Blockchain® technologies will be to gain intellectual property protections and filings to maximize the long-term value of the company on behalf of all of our stakeholders. In short, patents are the bricks and mortar of our business, and we don’t intend to fall apart any time soon.

Lannister Holdings, Inc. will work to enable real estate investors’ access to loans while facilitating security and transparency within the lending lifecycle. Lending can become decentralized with blockchain technology, which greatly reduces the risk of “deep-web hooligans” like hackers, attempting to acquire confidential information from a localized source. These technologies can impact and disrupt multiple verticals inside the financial sector all on a platform owned by and with technologies that will be proprietary to Lannister Holdings, Inc. Our company is prepared to put in the work and effort needed to transform that possibility into a radical new way of doing business in the finance industry. It’s what’s best for us, our clients, and the everyday people we ultimately try to serve.

So – care to join us as we build amazing tools for clients around the globe and our own platform with the tools for tomorrow’s financial services? We don’t intend to be haughty about it, but we do think you just might want to.