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Lannister Holdings, Inc. generates revenues and value growth by developing, owning, and delivering proprietary technology to the financial sector and the enterprise. The company has two related products:  high return loans for real estate investors and  blockchain development and strategy services for outside partners and clients.

We are among the first to use blockchain technology to facilitate mortgage loans in a secure, digital environment for real estate investors, tenants, property managers, and real estate note purchasers. Lannister Holdings will soon replace the bureaucratic morass that is the step-by-step, traditional  paper-and-pen approach  to lending with a transparent, secure lending platform that is already being recognized as the next evolution in lending technology.

For our enterprise clients, we have a three-step process.  First we focus on our client’s values, needs, and goals for the digital future.  Only then do we deepen our relation by offering technology suggestions. If a client likes their current technology stack but wants a few upgrades to get them to where they really want to go, we refuse the temptation to do a complete overhaul and work with what they have in order to keep in line with our final step, agile development.

Through our sister company, Lannister Development, our blockchain dev teams are available to clients in verticals others wouldn’t necessarily think about, such as logistics, energy, manufacturing, healthcare, and more – Lannister Development, therefore, is in a powerful position as a US based full-stack blockchain, smart contract, and security auditing firm. Our efficient, remote work process delivers fast solutions to complex problems by allowing our teams to mindfully and creatively solve problems across time zones and create solutions to achieve a client’s  desired result  quickly.

Lannister Holdings, Inc. carries the potential to impact the process of real estate lending considerably in the foreseeable future, disrupting the existing $2.3 Trillion Dollar US Commercial Real Estate lending markets.  Because of this make-or-break situation we find ourselves in, we undoubtedly will have protectable intellectual property.

With blockchain technology, lending can become decentralized, which greatly reduces the risk of “deep-web hooligans” like hackers attempting to acquire confidential information from a localized source. These technologies can impact and disrupt multiple verticals inside the financial sector all on a platform owned by and with technologies that will be proprietary to Lannister Holdings, Inc. Our company is prepared to put in the work and effort needed to transform that possibility into a radical new way of doing business in the finance industry. It’s what’s best for us, our clients, and the everyday people we ultimately try to serve.

So join us as we build both amazing tools for clients around the globe and our own platform for tomorrow’s financial services?