How AI and Blockchain is Already Transforming the Legal Industry

Law firms have a reputation for being slow to embrace technological change due to the significant costs and time constraints involved. Traditionally there has been a distinct lack of desire or indeed motivation to change. In a world where time is money, committing resources into technology and innovation has simply not been at the top [...]

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SEC Launches New Strategic Hub for Innovation and Financial Technology

As blockchain technology becomes more prevalent, we must ask the natural question of how we're going to regulate it and keep its developers in compliance with the government. Just because the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) existed before blockchain, doesn't mean they're going to ignore it or any of its future innovations. But how [...]

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How Web 3.0 will make social media safer (and better)

As ubiquitous as social media may be these days, it's not exactly all that trustworthy. More and more, we're realizing just how unsafe and unsecure the Facebook and Twitters of the world truly are. Take the September 2018 catastrophe, for example, where Facebook admitted a data breach had possibly compromised the private information of up [...]

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