How Blockchain Is Transforming Customer Loyalty

Adobe recently completed the acquisition of Magento to pave the way for a new digital era of experience-driven commerce. However, securing customer loyalty and engagement have been notoriously difficult to achieve throughout recent years due to inefficiencies and the fact that nobody really wants to download an app for every airline that they have traveled [...]

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Building a Smarter Business Infrastructure with Web 3.0

In a digital age of clickbait headlines, buzzwords, and hype, it's easy to forget that the arrival of the internet not only delivered what it promised, but it has also transformed every aspect of our life. In just a few decades the world of business has evolved dramatically, and faster internet speeds have helped usher [...]

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Why Businesses Need to Prepare for Web 3.0

Why Businesses Need to Prepare for Web 3.0   Keeping up with the latest tech trends can be exhausting for business leaders in any industry. In 2018 alone, headlines have been dominated by blockchain, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. To further complicate matters, many of these transformative technologies are paving the way for a new [...]

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