Arizona-based Lannister Inks Deal with CyberSpec

/Arizona-based Lannister Inks Deal with CyberSpec

Arizona-based Lannister Inks Deal with CyberSpec

Phoenix, AZ, Oct. 02, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NEWMEDIAWIRE — Lannister Holdings, Inc. (OTC: NBDR), a leading Web 3.0 technology company, through its trade name Lannister Development, has announced that CyberSpec, a Maryland-based cyber security and technical deployment company has retained Lannister Development to work on CyberSpec’s “Proof of Selection” project. CyberSpec’s goal is to change the way data is collected and blockchains are created.

Kennie Jenkins, CXO of CyberSpec, explains: “Currently, the most popular consensus algorithms for blockchain creation are Proof of Stake (where the majority of data gets mined by those who are already resource-wealthy) and Proof of Work (where a block’s resources are rewarded to whomever can first find a block’s correct hash).

“We at CyberSpec believe there should be another way, one that doesn’t favor established wealth or reduce data mining to a mathematical footrace. To that end, it envisions a new algorithm called Proof of Selection. Here, each block gets created thanks to a predetermined system: a code written directly into the chain that scripts which eligible node (i.e. computer, tablet, or any other online hardware) creates the next block. It would be similar to, for example, a football team planning ahead of time who gets the ball,” Jenkins continued.

This method, according to CyberSpec, doesn’t favor any single system or user, requires no mining skills, and truly offers the balanced and decentralized approach to data collection and storage that blockchain promises and can deliver. What’s more, CyberSpec believes that Proof of Selection will be a game changing technology that will inspire a new wave of development in the blockchain space.

Lannister Development, acting as an independent contractor, will initially “scope, map and validate the project ideation, development challenges and timelines.” This project is the initial step of a multiple phase development project whose milestones and deliverables will be outlined by the work Lannister Development delivers under this initial contract.

Joseph Snyder, CEO of Lannister, said, “CyberSpec’s project is an ideal example of how many different types of projects from ideation, smart contract development and full enterprise solutions deployment exist in the global market. We are proud to be awarded this contract by CyberSpec.”

“Distributed ledger technologies are driving innovation and efficiency across many industries. As both a consulting and a software company, Lannister can provide any business with both the strategy and the development expertise to deploy smarter web technologies.” -Joseph continued.

About Lannister Holdings

Lannister Holdings, Inc. (OTC: NBDR), a publicly traded software, development and products company, provides IoT, cloud solutions and blockchain products to the financial services industry along with cloud and blockchain architecture, consulting and development services to startups and enterprise organizations through its trade name Lannister Development. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, its mission is to develop, acquire and further the real world deployment of Web 3.0 technologies to achieve transparency and security for organizational systems and operations world-wide.

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