Two additional Advisory Board Members named.

/Two additional Advisory Board Members named.

Two additional Advisory Board Members named.

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No Borders, Inc. (OTC:NBDR) has named two new Advisory Board Members to the Company Advisory Board.

“We are thrilled to announce these two wonderful people as members of the Lannister Holdings, Inc. Advisory Board. Both of these gentlemen are highly respected and deeply experienced in their fields as well as being passionate about the Lannister Mission and Vision. Please welcome both Michael Noel and Brian Dawson to our adventure! Cynthia Tanabe, COO

Advisory Board Appointee, Blockchain Education Seat;

The Board of Directors has named Michael Noel to the Blockchain Education Seat on the Advisory Board for a 12 month term effective June 21st 2018. Michaels experience in Bl, blockchain, private equity, education, financial regulations and strategic operations make him a wonderful mentor and advisor for the internal Lannister Teams and a powerful advocate of the Lannister Mission.

Michael Noel;

As the Senior Vice President and Sell Side Group Manager, Michael helped to guide the Private Equity advisory firm Dinan & Company from 1991 through 2003. After a brief hiatus, Michael began consulting for privately-held middle market companies who were adopting Marketing Automation. In 2011 a friend introduced him to cryptocurrency mining and they started a Crypto mining operation that continues today. In 2014 the discovery of Ethereum nurtured a hard pivot to rationalizing workflows and developing Smart Contracts. Michael started Blockchain Consultants, Inc. in 2016 and has been helping multiple companies in multiple industries, adopt Distributed Ledger Technology ever since. Michael is passionate about building companies with scalable technology. And, as a big fan of the lean startup, he is always looking for a new MVP.

Michael is the CoFounder and CEO of, Blockchain Weekly Host, Facilitator for the Phoenix Blockchain Meetup. He has numerous connections to Private Equity groups and Angel Investor Foundations and is on numerous Advisory Boards such as Digi Build, Lock Trust, Ethera Labs, Blockchain Equities, Hemp Harvest, and Swift Harvest. Michael is a Cryptonite Ventures Founding Member and was Certified by the EC-Council as a Certified Blockchain Professional in 2018.

Noels Law of decentralization –

‘When confronted with a decentralized mechanism, the first thing a centralized organization will do is try to centralize it”

Specialties: Blockchain, Distributed Ledger, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Cyber Security, SEO, SEM, Social Media, Social Media Syndication, Web Development, PPC, CPA, CPM, Philanthropy, Network Architecture, Information Technology, IT, Big Data, Graph Processing, Micron Automata Processor, Disruptive Technologies, Disruptive Innovation, Growth Hacking and Connecting the Dots!

Advisory Board Appointee, Intellectual Property & Dev Ops;

Brian Dawson;

The Board of Directors has named Brain Dawson to the Intellectual Property & Dev Ops Seat on the Advisory Board for a 12 month term effective June 21st 2018. Brianss experience in development operations, agile, continuous integration, continuous delivery, intellectual property identification within development processes and IP mining expert make him a uniquely qualified and valuable mentor and advisor for the internal Lannister Teams and a powerful advocate of the Lannister Mission. We are grateful to have him join our adventure and look forward to his input and mentorship.

Brian is a DevOps evangelist and practitioner focused on helping the software community and business in the implementation of agile, continuous integration (CI), continuous delivery (CD) and DevOps practices. He has spent over 25 years as a software professional in multiple domains including QA, engineering and management. Most recently he built and led an agile transformation consulting practice helping organizations small and large implement CI, CD and DevOps.

Born and raised in Palo Alto, CA Brian caught the technology bug early. Starting his career in game development he was part of the original R&D team at Sony Computer Entertainment and helped launch the Playstation game console. Brian moved to San Diego to found the SCEA Tools and Technology team, enjoy the Southern California sun and raise his son and daughter.

Professionally, Brian considers himself a technologist and IT socialist focused on optimizing software development through knowledge redistribution. Personally, his focus is his family, diversity and inclusion, and lacrosse.

No Borders, Inc.

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Morissa Schwartz, CCO

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