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Joseph Snyder

President & CEO

A serial entrepreneur, Joe has successfully initiated, built, scaled, acquired, merged, and exited multiple companies over the last 15 years. Stemming from a childhood fascination with business and finance, Joe’s experiences in real estate investment, financial services, and digital strategy are the foundation of the structure and ideas outlined in our business plan.

Joe has a unique set of long-term business experiences that provide Lannister Holdings with a strong, grounded focus, combined with a clear “mile-high” view of the intricately linked systems and challenges associated with growing and scaling our vision. He has bootstrapped businesses in financial services, risk management, digital strategy, consulting, and investing with a focus on mergers & acquisitions. All these disparate lessons and experiences have led Joe to the creation of Lannister Holdings with a focus on lean operations, stakeholder engagement, profitable multilayered monetization, and world-class scaled business development.

Joe is keenly aware of and has experienced the challenges associated with initiating internal systems and procedures, identifying and inspiring world-class staff, engaging with regulatory bodies, building integrated investment, and brand/product messaging.

Cynthia Tanabe

Chief Operating Officer

Cynthia started her finance and investment career in 1985 doing bookkeeping, property management, and operations management. In 1990, she scored her first real estate investment and has since built a broad portfolio of highly profitable real estate assets. As a licensed Real Estate Agent/Broker since 2004, she has successfully built a highly respected, investor and bank-focused real estate and property management firm in Arizona with tens of millions of dollars in properties owned and sold.

Cynthia brings deep knowledge of the real estate, investment and lending markets to Lannister Holdings. In addition, her unique combination of fiscal conservatism, investor loan funding, asset/note structures and lending operations management make her an incredible asset to the profitability and scaled success of Lannister Holdings.

Chris Brown

Chief Technology Officer

Chris has 14 years experience in the IT industry, ranging from solidarity and full stack programming, hardware support, engineering and maintenance, to enterprise-level information system analysis, design, development, and implementation. He has specialization in intranet and extranet system development, enterprise applications integration, and business process automation. In addition, he has extensive experience with high-load enterprise 24/7 systems, stress testing, profiling, bottleneck analysis and performance optimization. Chris will lead a security-focused blockchain development team, ensuring a high-stability optimally-secured platform for all of Lannister’s projects.

From Chris’ background in Air Force intelligence to earning dual B.S. degrees in Computational Mathematics and Biochemistry from Arizona State University, Chris has been engrossed in the connection between real world business applications, artificial intelligence, blockchain smart contracts, and code.

Morissa Schwartz


Morissa Schwartz, the “Voice of Generation Z” (a title bestowed by CM Magazine), is the marketing maven for Lannister. She is currently completing her doctorate in literature at Drew University and has a Masters in Communication.

She started her career as a professional writer at age twelve, when she was first published nationally. She subsequently wrote and had a book published by a national publishing company. By the time she graduated college, she opened her own book publishing company, GenZ Publishing, which had six Amazon bestsellers in just its first year. In addition, Morissa started her own SEO copywriting company, Dr. Rissy’s Writing. She works tirelessly to inspire people to embrace their inner entrepreneur and look beyond the typical 9-to-5 workday.

Morissa also broke the Guinness World Record for creating the world’s longest chain of bracelets, sang on MTV, and had a year of her life filmed for a show on Lifetime.

Clifford Forrest

Dev Ops & Enterprise Relations

A passionate technical mind, Clifford has years of experience in high-performance supercomputing, DevSecOps, intelligence studies and risk mitigation. While at Arizona State University, Clifford studied Political Science with a National Security & Intelligence Studies focus. Simultaneously, Clifford was hand-picked by a faculty lead to work for ASU’s High Performance Super Computer, performing multi-variable projects for both graduate and doctorate scholars. Furthermore, under the umbrella of ASU’s Super Computing incubator, Clifford crafted a student program, advocating and teaching the essentials of computing and supercomputing to students K-12.

Clifford has since turned his attention to DevSecOps and information security, consulting development teams, security operations and operation teams in securing software and software development pipeline. Additionally, Clifford advises security operation teams on prevention tactics as well as applying tools to sustain a hardened cyber infrastructure.

Along with years of experience in information security and technical advisement, Clifford has advocated and invested in blockchain since 2010. Utilizing his practical knowledge in progressive technology and blockchain, Clifford will manage and oversee enterprise relations for Lannister Holdings, while maintaining a DevOps environment for secure, efficient growth.

Jonathan Parnell

CDO – Lannister Development

Jonathan Parnell is a leader with over two decades of experience in delivering software at scale throughout the world. He specializes in the full lifecycle of applications from concept to cash and the creation of community around them. He is especially adept at building cloud infrastructure and creating enterprise cloud systems.

Before joining Lannister Development, Parnell’s accomplishments included the Integration of E-trade back-end technology and data layer with ETrade.com‘s website for its IPO, a customer service portal integration for Buy.com;  an HIPAA-compliant cloud for GE Healthcare to launch Centricity, and the creation of infrastructure for what is now Office 365.

In addition, Parnell has led over 50 DevOps transformations, including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Microsoft, Google Cloud Platform, and Hitachi. He has also helped build and/or launch over 1500+ applications, and currently leads DevOps and Developer (Fullstack and Go) groups globally.

Jonathan’s expertise in software development lifecycles across distributed teams, geographies, and product portfolios, enables the realization of ideation to monetization.

Nina Manny

Performance and Mindset Officer

Gaining praise as a leading expert in consciousness exploration, Nina Manny has established a solid record for mediating rapid perceptual change and positive growth within her clients. In addition to serving as motivational teacher, spiritual advisor and intuitive life coach to a wide variety of people and groups — including corporate executives, artists, entertainers, political and thought-leaders — Nina is also regularly consulted by physicians and medical professionals to work directly with their patients as a whole-person adjunct to their ongoing medical treatment.

Whether from her practice centrally located in California, remotely through telephone and video conferencing or on private location, Nina has intuitively guided her clients to understand and actualize the energy of their blocks, create purposeful synergic success and experience the higher realms of awareness through first-hand experience for over a decade.

Nina is a contributing author to “Miracles Happen” by Dr. Brian L. Weiss through Harper Press 2013, and now boarded with HayHouse, the world-wide leader in self-help and inspirational media. “Miracles” is set to publish in 2018.

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We are working on getting our message out to the masses and are seeking the right innovation-minded individuals to help us and learn A LOT along the way too! This position will work closely with the Marketing team to help engage with our audience through social media, work with digital content and more. We utilize many tools to keep in contact, collaborate, and create remotely and look forward to adding an intern to our team to assist in our fast paced environment.


Intelligent writer who can write about technical materials needed

We are a publicly traded company who is educating the public about a variety of topics that are often new and seemingly complicated to laypeople, including blockchain, IOT, and Web 3.0. We need someone who can work with us, take the time to learn our mission and what we do, and write materials including blog posts, technical documents, and press releases.

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